Our Clients and Customers are the Kings/Queens of our business transactions. So, why do we focus on spoon-feeding them our range of products and services, instead of focusing on them to market the products?

We may say it – but we tend to focus on our products and services first, after which we accordingly shape our strategy to reach the market. Why can’t we do it the other way?

Yes we do undertake market research and surveys through customers when conceptualising our products and services – but why don’t we use the customer as not only the start but also the end product/service?

A TED Talk video explained how Customers buy “WHY we do it” over “What we did”. This distinction shows us that we may have been focusing on the wrong drivers. Customers and Clients are the reasons we do it – yes to make money or rewards – but they are the start and end of this transaction. They are the KINGS & QUEENS – this is a fact and this will remain.

 KPI Marketing Plans include a section on Customer Management and Customer Retention Strategy.

KPI integrates techniques based upon the leadership traits, organisational structure and Marketing Ps – to include a Customer Retention Strategy as well as rewarding schemes. The aim is to turn your customers into partners.- why? Because they are the best advocates to your business. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. As Entrepreneurs, Dewey’s Customer Buying Process provides us with opportunities to maximise on.


This is a must! Re-engineer the focus for your Marketing Plan and add KPIs to measure progress.

Ansen Iyaloo

Lead Consultant, KPI Consultancy Ltd - Mauritius

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