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About kpi

We are focused at supporting Micro, Small and Medium businesses in Mauritius and Africa.  We have a clear vision to build sustainability and efficiently through optimised processes.


Driven & Committed

We know what sacrifices it took to get to this point – we can relate. We are driven to support you in achieving your organisational goals, whilst remaining sustainable. We remain committed to see it through until you reach your obejectives and more.


A strategy is not only a documented plan on how we set out to achieve our goals – it is a way of life. Since every decision creates a thread of dynamics, we ensure that each decision is thought through and is implemented in a strategic manner.


Quality is an integral part of our methodology and implementation. We passionately promote efficient use of resources whilst cutting down costs and continously improving results through quality management. Your customers will see the difference.


Innovative approach for sustainability-focused process         re-engineering

We take pride in innovation, project and quality management to fine-tune and optimise business processes in operations, marketing, human resources, production and finance, among others.

KPI believes in individuality, uniqueness and personality.  We do not believe in presets but rather, we optimise and creatively develop a customise set of templates and toolkits to make your business operations smoother and efficient.

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