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KPI currently provides special rates and discounted packages to Mauritian SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs.



In view of providing customised help to Mauritians aiming at starting their business, or who aim to bring improvements to their processes to address COVID-19 implications, KPI have designed packages. And for a limited period, these are provided at a discounted rate.

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Start-ups: Starting from scratch comes with risks. Let us avoid those through proper planning. Those reports include a strategic plan to ensure sustainability and growth.

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Start-ups and Existing businesses: Customers are evolving and markets are tighter. Having a plan sets a purpose and a goal. Use our plans to make it measurable and achievable.

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Be it a Project in your firm or an Idea you had, conceptualisation is key to successful completion. This plan allows you to move step by step with peace of mind towards achieving your goals.

Offer 7: Use Code "BIZST07-OCT20" in Email/Message

Popular service – an opportunity to have the KPI-method and process optimisation techniques infused through a 90-mins coffee meeting.

For Existing Businesses needing support in implementation and realignment of resources; and for Start-ups needing sustainable solutions to obstacles.

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